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SaaS Optimization: Using SaaS Subscriptions properly

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Are you already using many different SaaS tools but wondering how to ensure you get the most out of your SaaS subscriptions? Then you’ve come to the right place, we explain below how you should proceed with SaaS optimization.

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Step 1: Check your current subscriptions

Before you introduce any tools, you should get an overview of your current SaaS subscriptions. Creating a list of all subscriptions currently in use can be helpful, e.g.:

  • Name of the software
  • Subscription price
  • Number of users

This will give you an idea of where your expenses are and where cost savings might be made.

Step 2: Identify unused subscriptions

Once a month or quarter, you should go through your list and check which subscriptions are actually being used and which are not. It may be that some subscriptions that were originally purchased to complete certain projects are now no longer needed. These subscriptions can be canceled to save money. This can also be automated, more on this in step 3.

Step 3: Use SaaS management tools

One way to better manage your SaaS spending is to use SaaS management tools. These tools allow you to centrally manage all subscriptions, monitor user and billing data, and automatically receive notifications when subscriptions need to be canceled or renewed. Some of these tools also provide the ability to review and limit application usage to ensure that each user only has access to the applications they actually need.

Step 4: Take advantage of team licenses

Furthermore, you can save costs by using group or team licenses instead of purchasing individual licenses for each user. Many SaaS providers offer these types of licenses, which allow you to register and manage multiple users under a single license. This can reduce the cost per user and simplify subscription management.

Step 5: Use the possibilities of integration

Another way to get more out of SaaS subscriptions is to leverage the power of integration. Many SaaS vendors offer integrated solutions that allow data and functionality to be shared between different applications. This can increase efficiency and reduce the need to purchase multiple subscriptions for similar functionality.


SaaS optimization is an ongoing process that aims to minimize costs while maximizing software usage. Using SaaS Management tools, leveraging group and team licensing, taking advantage of integration opportunities, and regularly reviewing your subscriptions can ensure that the most is being made of your SaaS spend.

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