Bring your SaaS management to the next level!

Our intelligent software tool helps you save time and money by taking your SaaS management to the next level!

Smart. Fast. Efficient. This is saasmetrix.

How does it work?

Get started with just three simple steps.

Step 01

Collect Information

First, saasmetrix needs further information on users, activities and tools. Simply connect your company account. Everything else runs automatically.

Step 01

Step 02

Create analysis

As soon as your tool is connected to saasmetrix, all users are automatically analyzed by their rolls and activities. A status-quo report is then created, which gives you an overview of all licenses.

Step 02

Step 03

Cut the Costs

The user behavior and tool information lets saasmetrix automatically identify optimizations. You can easily execute these optimizations using just one click.

Step 03


Connecting saasmetrix to your SaaS tools takes only a few minutes. From that moment on, you start saving time and money by optimizing your SaaS management.


The saasmetrix tool is designed to be as simple as possible. You can easily perform all action like quitting a tool subscription within saasmetrix.


Smart features such as recognition of unused licenses, unique saas templates, or our SaaS dashboard save you time and money.

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Managing SaaS made simple! 

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