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Sustainability in a digital age - How does SaaS relate to the environment?

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An overview of the key learnings:

  • Why is it time for IT companies to act more sustainably?
  • 7 steps how companies can become more sustainable.
  • What is Sustainable IT or Green IT and what are their characteristics?
  • Greenwashing – what is it and why is it a danger?
  • Green SaaS – How can cloud computing contribute to sustainability?
  • The 4 most important advantages of SaaS tools in terms of sustainable operation.
  • How to become more sustainable with saasmetrix?

Why a whitepaper on sustainability?

The increasing threat to the environment and climate change has created an urgent necessity to address the topic of sustainability. Our world is confronted with serious environmental problems that affect not only nature, but also society and the economy. It is time to take responsibility together and seek solutions that will preserve our earth for future generations.

Companies have a significant impact on the environment and have a responsibility of integrating sustainable practices and adapting their business models accordingly. This is particularly critical for the IT industry, known for its high energy consumption and rapid turnover of technologies. The rapid development of new products and the increasing demand for electronic devices have a significant environmental footprint. The need to promote sustainable practices in IT companies is evident; environmental conservation is no longer an option, it is an urgent obligation.

The Earth Overshoot Day is the day in the year when humanity has consumed the amount of resources that the Earth can regenerate within a year. The fact that this day arrives earlier each year highlights the growing discrepancy between our consumption patterns and the Earth’s ability to recover. To counteract this problematic trend, we need to make resource consumption more efficient and promote sustainable alternatives.

This whitepaper on sustainability in IT companies is therefore crucial to address this issue and develop solutions. It serves not only as an informational resource for businesses, but also as a call to action! The IT industry has the potential to take a leading role in sustainability and implement groundbreaking measures. From switching to renewable energies to resource-saving product design, there are numerous ways for companies to achieve their sustainability goals.

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