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Saasmetrix dashboard with detailed statistics on the use and costs of the connected SaaS Tools
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All information at one glance

Finally gain overview of which user has which license in which SaaS app. Simply connect the existing SaaS accounts and all info will be loaded automatically.

Your costs and users

Overview of your tools

Keep an eye on your automations

Add an application easily to saasmetrix
Overview of the Saasmetrix appstore


Automate on- & offboarding

Connect saasmetrix to your HR software and automate provisioning. Apps are automatically activated based on department and role, and users no longer have to wait for access.

Handle app requests from users

Create templates and license groups

Plan your licenses in advance


Get rid of shadow IT

Get an overview of all your SaaS accounts and remove unused licenses with automated workflows. Eliminate security risks and unnecessary costs.

Close potential security gaps

Remove unused licenses

Recognize duplicate accounts

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Connect, analyze, automate. It's that simple!

The setup of saasmetrix happens within 10 minutes. Just add the company accounts and you’re done. saasmetrix takes care of the rest. After that, you can manage users, create automations and generate reports.


Integrates with all your apps

Forget toggling between six different tools to gather the information you need. With saasmetrix, you can utilize all integrations to bring information into one centralized dashboard for maximum efficiency.

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Learn from high-performing teams

Teams around the world use saasmetrix to move faster. We’re proud to help startups, creative teams, agencies, and some of your favorite companies get their SaaS management done. Every team works differently and uses saasmetrix in their own way to streamline their processes.


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